Your network specialist in the North-East
for the development and maintenance of telecommunications and energy supply infrastructure

Quality and competence are what our networks are made of

We have been representing the highest standards in underground and cut-and-cover line construction since 1965. Our regional focus is Schleswig-Holstein, where we are considered one of the leading providers with a wide-ranging presence in the region. We provide extensive services for projects involving laying and maintaining copper cables and optical fibre and energy grids. FKE GmbH merged with WirliebenKabel GmbH in August 2018, when the two companies bundled their expertise across all of Germany, allowing the company to provide nationwide coverage.


A reliable, high-performance partner – throughout every project phase

From planning to service protection, we are your specialists for the highest quality networks. As a general contractor, we take care of all of the relevant phases of your project – complete with efficient daily controlling. This allows us to not only cover the operational implementation of the construction project, but to engage with all the relevant stakeholders for optimal project planning and implementation as well. Our advanced geodata modelling can be used to simulate route security, duct plans and more.


Your one-stop shop
for maximum performance

Perfection and speed
We deliver on our promises! With a high degree of flexibility, state-of-the-art technology and innovative methods. Our clients can view the current status of their projects at any time and make sure everything is progressing on schedule.

Telecommunications services

  • Fault rectification/maintenance work on the copper cable network
  • Fault location, installation, removal
  • Exclusive framework agreement with Deutsche Telekom AG for cable network maintenance
  • Planning/documentation

Cable services

  • Installation of cables and ducts
  • Feeding/injection of cables into existing duct systems
  • Installation of copper and fibre optic cables

Fibre-optic network construction

  • Project planning/implementation/documentation
  • Fibre to the home – fibre-optic installation outside the premises
  • Fibre to the desk – fibre-optic installation in the building
  • Fibre to the kerb – fibre to the service area interface

Energy grids

  • Installation of cables and ducts
  • Connecting renewable energy to the power grid
  • Development of sustainable transmission and long-distance networks

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